About Quality Gears


About Us

Established in the year 1987, QUALITY GEARS has been manufacturing Gears, Timing Pulleys, Sprockets, Splines, Gear Assemblies in cost effective manner maintaining precision quality. Our customers have been supportive in the never-ending journey of world class gear products with optimum quality offering best cost in industry.

For more than three decades, Quality Gear has prospered continuously by implementing new edge technologies with industry knowledge expansion which has helped in increased manufacturing capabilities to produce high quality, high volume precision gears.

Our best in class production is made using closely monitored high quality inspection and go through a systematic initial level blanks and tools, production with testing and quality review to final uncompromised inspection process. Quality Gear constantly invest in new edge best technology and best man power to achieve world class gear products. With high customer retention ratio, we are pleased to make our staff stay with Quality Gears for years together who not only produce high accuracy products but also extend support to customers to improve their design and product for better performance.

With an ISO 9001:2015 certification, we are thrived to develop next generation high equipped gear production, to do so we annually invest percent of our revenue in new edge technologies and maintain our standards with cost effective manner.

Our high precision custom gears including spline shafts, timing pulleys are trusted worldwide for different industry application from home appliances to textile, windmills to tractors, packaging machines to infrastructure.

Quality Gear is specialized to meet client’s custom requirements at low cost with high precision in time bound reliable conditions. However tough the job is, do Contact Us to let us know your requirements and discuss further.

Our Vision

Our vision is Cost Effective Quality which we inherit truly to produce high volume gear product as well as customized gear products. Our expert team is always proactive to help our customer in planning and design to improve their product quality.


We start our quality control with Raw materials chemical and physical properties and do the inspection of each product at every required stage. Our quality control department is equipped with best in class tools and equipment to complete precision gears manufacturing using high quality inspection methods.